Thunder League Member Exclusive Offers

The League "Dog Tag" is your ticket to the world of cybersports. Everyone can contribute and receive unique prizes and an unforgettable experience.


Tank challenges

Complete the teams' Ground challenges before the 14th of February and receive its favourite ground vehicle's unique camos as a reward.


Sky challenges

Complete the teams' Air challenges before the 14th of February and receive its favourite aircraft's unique camos as a reward.


Watch the games and win prizes

Live broadcasts are more than the excitement of professional battles. Watch League matches in the "Streams" section and receive special viewer's trophy. You may win:

Golden eagles

Premium account

Premium vehicles

Game currency and research boosters

Each of the Tournament's broadcasts will host a viewer trophy giveaway. In order to participate, you will need to:

  • watch the match broadcast in the Broadcasts section
  • be logged in on the website with your own account.

"Every match broadcast will be giving away numerous viewer trophies, Hundreds to be won with every Broadcast!
Any and all viewers have a chance to win, but every owner of a Dog Tag will have a 50% increased chance!"

The winners will be announced via the on-screen news ticker, while all the prizes will be added to your game accounts automatically.


Choose your favourite team

Choose a team you would like to support in the Thunder League. The better results your team shows in the first season the better prizes you will get.

ATTENTION! You may choose a team to support only once per season. After the confirmation of your choice you cannot change it.


You can directly affect what features will be added into the game

25% of price of every purchased Token will be added to the Prize Fund. When the prize fund reaches one of the milestones this guarantees that the reward will be given to all the owners of the "Dog Tags" in one of the next updates.


New profile avatars, titles and decal will make you stand out from the crowd and feel extra special! All Dog Tag owners will get these no matter when they purchased their tags. The title and decal will be added very soon and the avatars soon following in one of the future updates.

We will launch a series of tournaments where players will be able to win the E-100 tank! The Dog Tag owners will get an unlimited entry ticket for the tournament.

Owners of a dog tag will get a 100% research booster for the entirety season one playoffs.

The all new Deatmatch game mode Tournaments, where every player fights for himself using tanks and aircraft, where every Dog Tag owner will gets an exclusive access.

Stunning three color aerobatic smoke to stand out in combat, with style.(to be added in a future update)

Every Dog Tag owner will get a unique premium vehicle pack containing: Panther T-V and BF109-E7/U2.

New and unique humorous radio commands for every owner of the Dog Tag.